Grace Ludmer


Travelin' Soldier

A series of photographs taken in the American southwest. Made in collaboration with Adam DesJardins and Catherine Tao.

“Photograph of snow topped canyon in Sedona Arizona. Landscape covered in mist. Male model stands in center foreground of image with pants pulled below waist exposing grey underwear.”
Photograph of Nevada canyons. 3/4 of image are bright red rocks. Figure in bottom left corner has back towards viewer and is taking picture of nude woman climbing boulder in right side of photograph. Sky is blue with clouds.
Flat southwestern yellow landscape. Male model in central foreground of image wearing yellow shirt and pants. In contrast to clear blue sky.
Male model standing in empty parking lot. 3/4 photograph is blue sky. Model has jacket half hanging off arms.
Photograph of red rocks. Male model lays horizontal and nude in crevice of rock.
 Photograph of Blue Mesa in Petrified Forrest in Arizona. Nude male model in center of image mid leap with leg in air.
Photograph of Devil's Bridge in Sedona Arizona. Male model stands in center of bridge topless with hand draped above head.
Photograph of snowy wheat field. Male model stands with back towards viewer in center of image. Body is slightly curved. Sky is blue.
Pile of photographs of male model in American southwestern landscapes.