Grace Ludmer


Hopscotch Silk Scarves

A collaborative project with Pierie Korostoff, Nathan Zack and Lukas Wrinkleprins

Model holding scarf against wall. Scarf design include bold red circle, pink squiggles and blue lines.
Scarf folded on white table showcasing tag that reads "Hopscotch"
Model holding blue and pink scarf above head that is blowing in wind.
Three scarfs folded on white table.
Model wearing scarf. Hopscotch tag highlighted.
Model holding scarf against wall. Design includes a grey hand pointing to a yellow half circle.
Model sitting on ground draped in scarves.
Bottom half of two models draped in scarves.
Scarf draped over head of model. Design includes blue hand and pink stripes.
Model draped in scarves standing against window and ivy wall.
Model holding scarf that is blowing in wind. Design includes blue hands and pink lines.