Grace Ludmer


Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute Stickers

Sticker designs for the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute, a non-profit dedicated to youth empowerment in Irvington, NY.

Various sticker sheets spread on wooden table.
A sticker of two girls with their hands around each other with their back towards the viewer placed on an iphone
Hand holding a green sticker that reads "you matter"
Red notebook with a blue sticker placed on top of it. The sticker is a girl laying on her stomach journaling.
Hand peeling sticker from sticker sheet.
Sticker placed on white shirt. Sticker is of young man with arms outstretched to either side with text that reads "equality"
Full sticker sheet laid on table.
Hands holding water bottle with various stickers placed on top. One sticker reads "Love Yourself." The other reads "Growth isn't linear"