Grace Ludmer


Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute Postcards

Select postcard designs completed for the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute, a non-profit dedicated to youth empowerment in Irvington, NY.

Two postcards that have tiny illustrated figures in various positions such as yoga, singing, dancing. Figures are drawn in color against white background.
A circle of colorful figures in various positions such as on computer, sitting, making art and laying down.
A scattered design of colorful figures in various positions against white background. Positions include yoga poses, dancing, singing and standing.
Four square postcards on purple yoga mat. Each postcard has single figure.
Grey square postcard with figure in yoga position. Text reads "Believe in Yourself".
Hand holding orange postcard with figure facing side wearing backpack, hat and white dress. Text reads, "Embrace what is uniquely you"
Pink square postcard against blue yoga mat. Figure on postcard is of girl with hair blowing in wind eating ice cream. Text reads, "Know Your Power"
Hand holding blue postcard with figure whose back is towards viewer wearing hat and striped shirt. Text reads, "Listen Deeply"