Grace Ludmer


Camp No Man's Land Live Portraits

Select portraits drawn for Portrait Drawing station at Camp No Man's Land, a retreat experience for 500 of The Wing’s members, partners and influencers. Under the direction of Spacey Studios, 28 portraits were drawn each taking under 15 minutes to complete.  

Fisheye angle photograph of portrait drawing station with markers, paper and model
Full body portrait of girl with pink hair, black leggings, pink sports bra and accessories. One arm is curved above head and the other is curved in by waist.
Markers surrounding drawing of girl wearing strapless light green dress holding wicker bag.
Model holding portrait of herself
Full body drawing of girl with jean shorts, yellow bandana around neck, sunglasses. Both hands are above head in peace signs.
Model holding portrait.
Full body drawing of girl with dark jeans, striped shirt and straw hat. One hand is above head and the other is on her waist.
Model holding portrait.
Drawing of girl in blue leggings and blue sports bra with hands above head.
Model holding portrait
Markers surrounding portrait of pregnant woman wearing striped shirt and black shorts.
Model holding portrait